Copper clad one pointed and one threaded ground rod of earthing material

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Update Time 2018-04-13
Item specifics
Service life>=50 years
MaterialCopper Layer and Steel Core
Diameter12mm; 13mm; 13.5mm; 14mm
Lengthcan be customized
ApplicationGrounding System

1.The manufacturing process:  Copper bonded steel earth rod  is cast through an electrolytic process, to 99.9% copper molecules evenly covering the steel core. It is very uniform copper layer and the thickness of 0.254mm or more. Products have conductive properties of copper and the tensile strength of steel. Since the copper layer and the steel material is a binding molecule, the copper layer is not easily peeled off, and will not crack when bent in operation.
2. Good conductivity:  Since the Copper bonded steel earth rod  of the outer copper layer of 99.9% purity electrolytic copper, having a thickness of 0.254mm or more, the conductivity has been tested more than 40%, when the transmission frequency is greater than 1.67MHz, which is fully equivalent to the conductive properties of solid copper.
3. Strong corrosion resistance:The surface of the ground rod is 99.9% pure electrolytic copper. Combined with its copper and steel are molecules overcome their electrochemical corrosion, buried in the soil and thus has a strong resistance to corrosion, the service life of over 30 years.
4. Tensile strength: Copper bonded steel earth rod  has conductivity of copper, and steel’s large tensile strength (up to 580N/mm2) characteristics. In construction operations, ground rods can be easily driven into depth of up to 20m or more under the ground. That will reduce a lot of trouble during construction and installation costs.

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